3/25/15: Online Work Day

Checklist Observations

In reviewing the checklist for our essay, I realized that I needed to make some changes focusing on #2 and #4 on the checklist. #2 on the checklist discussed the integration of screenshots throughout the essay. While I successfully included many different screenshots in various places throughout my essay, the checklist reminded me that I needed to work on specifically referring to those screenshots in the linguistic text itself. Additionally, #4 mentioned embedding the presentation into the web essay. I have not yet embedded my presentation, which is in the form of a Prezi, so I still need to work on adding a link and a screenshot of my Prezi into my web essay.

What I Did

During our online work day, I spent the majority of my time finishing up my Prezi presentation. I focused a lot on applying the suggestions I received during peer review about my word choice on my slides. I still need to figure out exactly how I want to go about embedding the presentation into my web essay, whether that is with a screenshot, a link, or, if possible, directly embedding from Prezi. In addition, after reviewing the checklist, I also spent time integrating in-text references to the screenshots into the linguistic text of my web essay.

Why I Did It

With this kind of in-class presentation for our project, I knew word choice on my slides was very important. I really wanted to make sure my presentation adhered to the 1-1-5 ratio for presentations, which is why I spent so much time toying around with my Prezi and playing with the word choice. Also, after seeing that we needed linguistic in-text references to our screenshots in our web essay, it made a lot of sense that in-text referrals would actually make it easier for readers to understand and follow along with the essay. The in-text references help to tell the reader what they are looking at, and ensure that they do not get confused about what exactly the screenshot is attempting to show.

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