Thematic: Conclusion

There’s no denying it…Thematic is a very cool tool used to create stories and take viewers on a journey using photos and images; however, to create a successful and truly interesting Thematic story takes hard work. The better your photography and design skills are, the more I would suggest and encourage you to try out this tool for yourself.

Overall, Thematic gets a thumbs up in my book. Despite some of its constraints, Thematic still works as an interface that creates a final product like no other applications or programs I’ve seen before. Stories created in Thematic are powerful and visually stimulating, and they allows its users and visitors to get excited about seeing the world around them from different points of view. With such a talented and intelligent group of authors and creators, it is my hope that in the future Thematic will be able to eliminate some of its constraints–possibly with a creation of a mobile application, the additional of sound and videos, and much more.

If you’d like to learn even more about Thematic or just want to check out the tool for yourself, go to and create an account! Also, feel free to check out my short, three-photo story that I created with Thematic entitled, “Once a Hokie, Always a Hokie.”

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