What Dreams Are Made Of (Site Information)

The Purpose | The Inspiration

The creation of this site was prompted by an assignment from my Writing & Digital Media Class at Virginia Tech. We were required to create a site that displayed who we are online, provided a place to show off our projects from class, and give us an opportunity to share our own voice and thoughts through blog posts.

My Style, My Voice

As a communications major and a professional writing minor, I do A LOT of writing and A LOT of editing. I’m very passionate about the things I write, and I try hard to show my distinct voice in all of my pieces, which is what I attempted to do in all the writing I completed for this site. When visitors read my blog posts, my about me page, or look at any of my projects, I want them to be able to hear my voice and my story. My voice is not technical or overly elegant, it is laid back and approachable; how I write, is how I talk.

External Links/Contact Information

There are multiple external links included in the menu bar of my site including links to my professional website and portfolio, my LinkedIn profile, and my Twitter profile. Each of these links looks to act as an additional resources for visitors to examine to discover even more about my personal and professional life. My professional website and portfolio and my LinkedIn profile both provide online resumes in addition to further information concerning my work and education experiences, while Twitter profile showcases more about my personal life and opinions on life and world events. I believe adding in these external links is a critical part to the success of the site because it enables visitors to see a bigger picture of who I am, while the internal information, pages, and blog posts in this site are more focused on the happenings of my Writing & Digital Media class at Virginia Tech.

In addition to external links, I also made the decision to include multiple outlets for users to find contact information. I created a sidebar widget for my contact information, which included my name, area I’m located in, phone number, and email address. I also added a “Get In Touch” page for users to directly message me through WordPress. I strongly believe it is important for visitors to be able to easily get in contact with me, whether they have feedback, questions, criticism, suggestions, or other inquiries about the site. I do not want to just be an online persona communicating to others out in cyberspace–it is my goal that I am approachable enough through my online identity that visitors will want to reach out and start conversation.


The images, photos, and videos that I’ve chosen to include in my site all serve a purpose. Whether it’s a photo or video of myself giving you a look at who I am, a picture of a project or assignment I have completed, or a beautiful image of a sunset over the water, every piece is meant to share a little bit of my personality. While decisions to include photos of myself and my work were easy to make, the choice to include a picture of the sunset in the main header of my site was a little more difficult. The header image is the first thing you see upon entering into my site, in addition to the site title and a quote, and helps provide visitors with their first impression of the site. Since the overall theme of my site is dreams, I wanted an image that could coincide with that. Sunsets are romantic and inspiring, they are calming and they happen only once every single day no matter where you are in the world. I believe sunsets slow down time, they force people to think and reflect–it is my hope that my site will have the same type of effect on people.

The majority of my images and videos I compiled using the following outside sites…

  • Foter.com
  • YouTube.com
  • Some original photography by Kim Koditek


This site is powered by WordPress and the “Hemingway Rewritten” theme. What I love about this theme is its combination of powerful words paired with a large powerful image. I like that I was able to incorporate the site title, a quote, and the image of the sunset all into a large heading, which is the first thing you see upon entering the site and provides visitors with their first impression. Most of the fonts and typography used are the default settings for “Hemingway Rewritten,” but I also tested out some font combinations using the following outside sites…

  • Google Fonts
  • FontFreak.com

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