About Me

Kim!Hi there! I’m Kim Koditek!

Currently, I’m a senior communications major and professional writing minor at Virginia Tech. I’m set to graduate this coming May 2015, and I’ve been actively searching for marketing and social media positions in the Virginia Beach area to start my career following graduation.

Most recently, I took initiative in creating and managing a new website and new social media sites from the ground up for Windshield City, and led the company to gain over 120 combined followers on Facebook and Twitter in less than 2 weeks time. The new website design now averages over 200 views a week and the company saw an overall increase in sales since the new release. I am also responsible for independently redesigning the company’s logo and implementing the new design on all marketing materials.

My classes at Virginia Teach have given me a lot of experience using video software editing programs (such as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, Avid), shooting my own video, writing and editing my own scripts and articles for publication, as well as experience in the newsroom control room and preparing for live broadcasts. I’m very self-motivated and I enjoy taking on more than one project at a time. What I think helps me to stand apart from the crowd is my passion. Moving forward, it is my goal to play a crucial role in the development and innovative of a company’s social media and marketing strategies.

When I’m not at school or working, you can normally find me near any body of water. Whether it’s at the lake on my boat, by the pool, or laying in the sand on the beach, I love the water and everything that goes with it. Sports are also a huge passion of mine, and I love being active. From wakeboarding, tubing, skiing, playing basketball, or just tossing around the football, I always like to keep moving.

Check out some of my work…

To view some of my work and see my resume, feel free to visit my online professional portfolio at www.kimberlykoditek.com.

A little introduction…

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