3/16/15: What I Did. Why I Did It

What I Did:

Today in class, I spent time working on the the outline of my essay in addition to adding a navigation structure to my pages. I decided to break up my essay into five different pages: a landing page for the project, an Overview page, a Design & Modes of Communications page, an Affordances & Constraints page, and finally a Conclusion page. I added a linear navigation structure to the bottom of each page showing “Previous” and “Next,” and I also added linear navigation that shows all the pages on the Conclusion page. I began work on writing the essay, but I still have a lot more writing to do outside of class as well.

Why I Did It:

I wanted to make sure I had all my pages for my project in place, along with working navigation, so that organization will be easier when I start really writing and inserting information onto my site. Also, I thought the linear navigation was the best option for this project because it takes the viewer step by step (or page by page) through my project of Interrogating an Interface.

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