2/13/15: What I Did. Why I Did It

What I Did:

Today, I focused on creating a Site Information page and continued updating my About Me page. My Site Information page was definitely a lot harder to create and choose content for than my About Me page. For now, I focused my Site Information page on explaining the theme, appearance, and images I’m concentrating on using. I took a look at a lot of the examples from our class website, including The Design Office’s Colophon page and Kevin Shoffner’s Colophon page. I’m thinking that I’m leaning more towards a page like The Design Office, which lists different fonts, images, coding tools, techniques, etc. For my About Me page, I added an additional paragraph to the end describing my life outside of work and school.

Why I Did It:

While my About Me page is meant to explain who I am and the purpose of the site, I wanted my Site Information page to explain why and how I made the decisions I did when it came to fonts, themes, images, etc. I also wanted to use my Site Information page to give credit and provide sources for outside programs and authorities that I referred to to help build my site.

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