3/6/15: Online Work Day

What I Did:

Today during our online work day, I began working by creating a username and password and becoming a member of Thematic. It was very simple to join, there was even an option to sign in using Facebook, and you could become a member at no cost. Once logged in, I spent quite a while playing around with the tool to get a hang of it and started learning how to use it. I “explored” a lot of other users stories to see how others have used the tool in the past. As I worked my way throughout the text of Thematic, I also worked on answering the questions for our Writer/Designer Analysis Questions worksheet.

Why I Did It:

The basis for our Interrogating An Interface project is to have a very good understanding of the tool/text itself, and to be comfortable with using it and teaching others how to use it. In order to gain that understanding and level of comfort with Thematic, I knew it was critical that I use the tool myself and extensively work through the text, even studying what others have done using the tool before in the past. I also thought that it seemed smart to work through the Writer/Designer Analysis Questions while I was exploring the tool and learning how to use it, because the questions helped to lead me to other areas of the text and the site in order to gain an even better understanding.