4/22/15: Revision Plan

Today in Peer Review we shared our rough cuts in groups of three. I was so happy because my group LOVED what I had done for my project so far. After hearing the comments from Peer Review, there is not much that I need to change because it seems like I am headed in the right direction; however, there are a few minor things I could focus on, in addition to just finishing up the project and putting all the posts in the Buzzfeed article.

  • A major strength that my group pointed out was how I decided to put everything together in a Buzzfeed article to present the information.
  • One suggestion my group had was to try and use pictures and situations that take the characters out of their expected, predictable lives, and show them doing something unexpected. My group particularly liked how I had Velma going on dates and chasing after boys in her Instagrams, and suggested I switch up some of the other characters posts to make them more surprising and unpredictable.
  • One technical difficultly I am having is that my final “Sources” section of my Buzzfeed article will not seem to save or show up when I preview the article. In the “Sources” section, I am crediting where I gathered the profile pictures and full name information, where I gathered the Instagram template, and where I gathered additional background information–So, I really need to figure out how to fix this problem or determine another way I can go about including the sources in a different area of the article.
  • The most important changes that I need to make are just finishing up the posts and finalizing the project. In writing and editing the remaining posts, I am really going to focus on making the characters do something that is out of their norm and unpredictable. Additionally, I want to see if I can incorporateĀ some of the characters most used phrases in the show (like “Zoinks!,” “Scooby-Dooby-Doo!,” etc.) into the captions and comments.
  • Given the amount of time we have left to work on this project, I am very confident that I will be able to finish everything on time and even have some leftover time to edit and perfect all of the posts and information.

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