4/17/15: Online Workday: What I Did, Why I Did It, Documentation Plan

What I Did

Today during our online workday, I spent time creating more Instagram posts for each characters, and writing captions to go along with the pictures. I’m also including “likes” and “comments” into the posts, so the audience can see different characters interacting with each other.

Why I Did It

I want to make sure I have all my Instagram posts (with pictures, captions, likes) done before inserting them into my Buzzfeed article. My last step will be arranging my Buzzfeed article, and adding summary text for each of the 5 characters before their 5 Instragram posts.

Documentation Plan

Since my project is so image heavy, I plan to source and attribute each image in the Instagram posts right under the photos themselves, like “Image Credit:________”. For the rest of the images, templates, and any additional information I use, I will include a section at the bottom of my Buzzfeed article to list my “Sources”.

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