4/15/15: What I Did, Why I Did It

What I Did

Today, I created an outline of a mock-up for my Buzzfeed article for my project. Since I am actually using Buzzfeed to create my article, it was easy to make the mock-up based on the actual site. I included a Heading, an Intro paragraph, and then outlined one section for one character, which includes their full name, nickname, a short intro, and then the 5 Instagram pictures. After creating my mock-up I began creating my Instagram posts by inserting the photos into the Instragram templates, adding usernames, comments, and likes.

Why I Did It

I think having an outline of how I want to arrange my Buzzfeed article will really help me with organization and making sure all my information flows properly. In addition, once I create one Instagram temple, I will be able to base all the other posts on that one, making sure all the elements (user names, likes, comments, image sizes, etc.) are all matching and look the same.


Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 10.37.54 AM

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