4/13/15: What I Did, Why I Did It, Timeline

What I Did

Today, I spend time gathering pictures for my Instagram posts for each character (Fred, Velma, Daphne, Scooby, and Shaggy). I want to try to have at least 5 Instagram posts for each character, focusing on their life since their retirement from Mystery, Inc. I have gathered all the photos, except I still need a few more for Scooby.

Why I Did It

Once I have all my photos gathered, I will be able to edit them and insert them into fake Instagram posts for each character. Then, I will also be able to write captions for each post, creating story lines for each character’s life. I want to try to have main themes for each of the characters, so I am attempting to choose photos that make sense together.

Timeline of Work for Remix a Story Project

  • 4/13- Gather all photos & images for all characters
  • 4/14- Edit all photos, create fake Instagram posts for each photo, begin writing captions
  • 4/15- Mock-up or Storyboard on 4/15.
  • 4/16 to 4/17- Finish writing captions for all posts, begin creation of the fake Buzzfeed article
  • 4/20- Presentation Sign-up & finish creation of fake Buzzfeed article
  • 4/21- Insert all Instagram posts into Buzzfeed article
  • 4/22- Peer Feedback
  • 4/24- Make changes & edits based on Peer Feedback
  • 4/27- Finalize all changes and review entire project before in-class presentations
  • 4/29 to 5/6- In-Class Presentations
  • 5/6- Project Due by 11:55 PM

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