3/4/15: Work Schedule for Interrogate an Interface

For my Interrogate an Interface project, I will attempt to work on my project using the following schedule and deadlines:

  • March 4-5: Create a login, and research how the tool works and what it does (1-2 hours total work time)
  • March 6: Fill in the writer/designer analysis questions (about 1 hour total work time)
  • March 7-15: Spring Break
  • March 16-17: Outline web essay, take appropriate screenshots to accompany essay, draft essay (work time will variety depending on writing time, est. 3-4 hours total work time)
  • March 18-19: Draft slideshow and presentation (1-2 hours of total work time)
  • March 20: Arrive to class with completed drafts of essay and slideshow for peer review

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