3/2/15: Inspiration for Interrogate an Interface

Today, we spent time looking at a couple of other students Interrogate an Interface projects and essays from previous years. There were many different ideas and techniques utilized by students to successfully interrogate their interface, but two really stuck out to me that I would like to use for my own project.

The first was the idea to take and incorporate screenshots of the interface throughout the essay. Having a lot of screenshots that show readers exactly what the tool looks like each step of the way was very helpful. I think it helps readers to really understand the interface and give them the feeling of walking their way through the tool each step of the way. It’s also good to see the interface broken up into different parts, which I believe might help viewers if they want to move forward to use or try the interface themselves.

Also, after a viewing a couple project examples, I know that I want to keep my information concise for my own project. One example had almost everything spread out onto different pages, which really separated the information and made it rather annoying having to navigate from page to page to read the essay. For my own project, I want to try to keep all my information on at most 3 different pages. I think it will be easier for readers to navigate the project, and it will keep the layout of the project concise by keeping similar information grouped together.

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