2/27/15: Project Three Interface Choice- Thematic

I was lucky enough to get my first choice for our interrogating an interface project, and that interface is Thematic! Thematic is an awesome tool that caught my eye right from the start when I was exploring different interfaces. When I was narrowing down my choices, I knew I wanted a tool that I would be able to use in my upcoming marketing job following graduation. I will be working for a construction and architecture company, so I wanted to find a program that could highlight beautiful construction design, the process of building from start to finish, and a program that was very image heavy–Thematic was the perfect fit.

Thematic allows you to put together multiple large images to tell a story. The story is completely based on visuals, with just a small amount of text to accompany some of the visuals. Some of the example stories that I looked at in Thematic when I was exploring it were called “Manhattan to Brooklyn,” “Midtown Wandering,” and “5 Days in Scotland.” Each of these examples did an amazing job by using large, powerful images to virtually walk viewers through different geographical areas, creating the feel that viewers are actually in through areas experiencing the views and scenery themselves. I immediately thought that this would be an amazing tool for me to use to highlight the different construction projects and properties around the Virginia Beach area for the company that I will be working for following graduation.

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