2/23/15: Autocorrect & Autocomplete

Tools such a autocorrect and autocomplete are created to make life easier, but sometimes can just cause even more confusion. My main experiences with autocorrect come with the use of my iPhone. I can’t tell you the amount of times that my iPhone has changed a word into all capitals, causing the person on the receiving end of my text to believe I’m yelling at them. A simple “No thanks!,” gets transformed into a “NOOOOO!” and is sent into cyberspace before I can make the correction. And of course, I have experienced the common use of “duck” as a profanity. For me, this little autocorrected mistakes are not a big deal, and for the majority of the time, I catch the mistakes before they are sent; however, for people who are not as familiar with autocorrect or the general use of newer tools like an iPhone, autocorrect can cause some major issues.

Prime example: My mother. Whether it is the lack of her deciding to put on her glasses before sending a text or posting a Facebook status, or a simple autocorrect gone wrong, my mom is a frequent victim of the failures of autocorrect. While I feel sorry for her that she often encounters so many issues with a tool that is supposed to make her life easier, autocorrect has definitely helped to give me some great laughs while reading some of my mom’s texts. I think I receive more texts from her that are full of mistakes and spelling errors, almost appearing to be “drunk texts,” than I receive legible texts. Bless her heart for trying to understand technology. While I’ll continue to try and teach her the ways in this new digital age, and autocorrect will continue attempting to make her life easier, despite all odds I know my mom will continue sending me laughable texts–and for that, I thank you, autocorrect.

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