2/18/15: What I Did. Why I Did It

What I Did

Today, I completely changed the style and content of my site information page. I not only added explantations for decisions I made about the site, but I also broke up the page into different categories including: “The Purpose | The Inspiration,” “My Voice, My Style,” “Images, Photos, & Videos,” and “Themes, Fonts, & Typography.” I still need to add one additional section to describe my choices for including links to exterior sites, like my professional portfolio, LinkedIn, and Twitter. In addition, I also added a “Get In Touch” page, and added a YouTube video to my About Me page.

Why I Did It

All the decisions I made today were to give my site even more personality and to take the site one step further. I believe the more information I add about myself and my decisions, the better understanding visitors will be able to gain about who I am and how I think.

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