2/4/15: Start Dreaming…

What I Did

Today, I let my mind start wandering. I created a blog named “Where Dreams Come To Play.” My blog was created to showcase my online identity in my Writing & Digital Media Class at Virginia Tech. I chose a theme and appearance for my blog that focused on large powerful images paired with large impactful text.

Why I Did It

The main focus of my blog is dreams, so I wanted to incorporate that into my title, tagline, and the URL, which is “kimkwheredreamsplay.” The reason for choosing my theme was simple: Images alone are powerful, but images paired with the right words are even more powerful. My online identity is focused on displaying images that show who I am, combined with specific words and phrases that can explain who I am. As a communicator and marketer, I look to brand myself online, and this blog is just another extension of that branding.

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